Since 1976 Amest Corporation's primary goal has been to develop products for our customers from concept to production.  Our electronic lab contains a wide variety of test equipment supporting both analog and digital designs ranging from DC through 1.5 Ghz. For prototyping electro-mechanical designs, we have a full machine shop including a CNC mill.

With our extensive hardware background in digital, analog, RF, and motion controls, we can guide our customers through the entire design process and provide them with the highest quality product.

Electrical Design

     •Product definition and specification

     •Detail design

    • Breadboard fabrication and testing

     •Circuit analysis (analog and digital)

     •Printed circuit board layout

     •PCB fabrication and test

     •Production documentation

     •Motor control

     •Turnkey design and manufacturing

     •Compliance management (FCC, UL, FDA)     

Software  Design

     •Embedded Microprocessor design (Microchip, NXP, Motorola, TI, Intel Phillips)

     •Programming - C, Embedded C, C++

     •Visual Basic - Windows applications

     •OrCad Capture

Mechanical Design

     •CAD drawings (AutoCAD)

     •Prototype and production fabrication


     •OrCAD capture