Amest Corporation has extensive experience in electronic product development, having developed products for the Medical, Military, Commercial, and Industrial markets.  Click on the titles to see photos of some of these products.

CNC controlls of milling machines
Electronic fuid flow meter
Microprocessor controlled hallogen lamp
Robot control servo amplifier
Vapor Deposition Chamber Control System
CNC Machine Programmer
Cosmetic Dispensing System ( Hardware and Firmware)
CD Robotic Library System ( Firmware and Software)
Remote Controlled Halogen Lighting System
RF Antenna Controller
Portable Gas Chromatograph
Halogen Light Source Controller
Dental Appliance Creation Tool
UV Lighting System for Lab Research
Attitude control computer for spacecraft
Helicopter Digital Kneeboard
Avionics Main Display System for L159 Aircraft
Soldier Worn Data Hub
Energy Harvester Controller
Embedded Data Router
Real-Time Language Translator
Wrist Worn Computer System
Naval Radar System
Drone Controller
Pilot Digital Tablet
National Instruments Test System for IR Capture System
Tae Kwon Do Suit and Scoring System
Automated Piano Player
Exercise Equipment Test Fixture
Home Exercise Tracker
Electronic Golf SwingWeight
Automotive RF Locator System
Light Pen Controller
Patient ventilator control
Custom Computer for sterotaxy surgery
Patient monitoring recorder
LED Pain Managemnt System
Foot measuring guide
Microcontroller based theraputic temperature controlled blanket